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Mission to the Moon

Staking, Bridge, Swap, Investment DAO, NFT in one place

Ape King is a decentralized utility-oriented meme project that aims to bring crypto adoption to the mainstream. Ape King offers a wide range of Defi tools including DEX, Staking, Investment DAO, NFT Marketplace and a hyper-deflationary token with automatic token burning mechanism , automatic reflection mechanics, unique revenue sharing model and a better tools for the decentralize finance which will provide long-term and in-numerable advantages to both investors and project.

BSC Contract 0x69e4c35C48ABB20E83813cADF8Dbe92Df6FE34Bd

Upcoming CG/ CMC Listing

Apeking has launched it's native token on Pancakeswap. Benefits for Early Holders:

  • 1 USDT Rewards. 50% APY Staking Rewards
  • 500% APY LP Staking Rewards
  • Lower buy/sell tax rate.
  • More chances to grow your investment to 1000X

Ape King Protocol

Auto BuyBack Burn

$APK token buyback & burn mechanism is built on a smart contract, which is designed to automatically buyback and burn a portion of APK Token. The number of transactions on the platform determines the amount of tokens that it burns.


Ape King offers Locked staking with 50% to 500% APY to it's holders. Either you can stake your APK token to gain 50% APY or be a liquidity provider then stake your LP tokens to earn 500% APY.

Auto LP Aquisition

The ability to burn a portion of the supply eliminates the users' risk of having an impermanent loss. Large liquidity pools can also help decrease the impact of swap on the overall supply.

About Ape King

Ape King was born on May 1, 2022. Its goal is to create a utility-focused meme that will bring crypto adoption to the mainstream, and it has already started to implement this strategy. The project's various components, such as its decentralized exchanges, Investment DAO, hyper deflationary and staking, will help decentralize the financial system.


Similar to the fundamental of economics and law of supply and demand, the increasing number of minting functions in a smart contract can cause a drop in the demand for a given token. This is because, when there is miniting functionality, it can increase the total supply and decrease the value overtime.

The total supply of $APK is currently at 100 billion, and it is built on a burning mechanism that ensures that the total supply is kept low and decrease with every new transaction. This will allow the coin to increase the value in the long run.

Buy Token
  • Address: 0x69e4c35C48ABB20E83813cADF8Dbe92Df6FE34Bd
  • Name: Ape King
  • Ticker Symbol: $APK
  • Total tokens: 100,000,000,000
  • Buy/Sell Tax: 6%

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Stake To Earn

Earn Upto 500% APY. Grow your Investment by 5X return.




Cake LP

Active Roadmap

  • ✔ Website launch
  • ✔ Whitepaper Publish
  • ✔ Grow 2000+ Telegram Members
  • ✔ Grow 1000+ Twitter Followers
  • ✔ Community Contest (Meme Competition/ Shilling Competition/ Refer Contest)
  • ✔ Contract Deployment
  • ✔ DEX Aggregator (Alpha Version)
  • ✔ NFT / Opensea Listing
  • ✔ Staking (TestNet)
  • ✔ APK Txn Explorer
  • ✔ Press Release
  • ✔ Web Crypto Wallet (Beta Testing)
  • ✔ Stealth Launch on Pancakeswap
  • ✔ Staking (MainNet) (APK Staking 50% APY)
  • ✔ Listing on CoinGecko
  • ✔ Partnership and Promotion
  • Token Burn Event
  • LP Staking 500% APY (MainNet)
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap
  • Smart Contract Audit (SolidProof)
  • Ads Campaign & Social Media Promotion
  • Youtube & Twitter Promotion
  • CEX Listing (Tier 4)
  • Trade and Earn Community Contest
  • DEX Aggregator (MainNet) (Beta Launch)
  • Additional NFT Listings
  • CEX Listing (Tier 3)
  • Airdrop / Bounties Campaigns
  • Influencer marketing push
  • Community Contest and Events
  • Launch Crypto Swap v2 (MainNet)
  • Launch Crypto Mobile Wallet
  • Smart Contract Audit (Certik)
  • CEX Listing (Tier 2)
  • Charity Events
  • Token Burn Events
  • Tiktok Challenges (Community Events)
  • Launch Investment DAO
  • Launch NFT Marketplace
  • Merchandise and Online Store
  • Launch Crypto Prediction (P2E Game)
  • CEX Listing (Tier 1)
  • Release Ape King Lottery Raffle (P2E Games)
  • Add More NFT collection
  • Giveaway Tesla Model 3 (Community Events)
  • Charity Events for Ape shelters in Tanzania
  • Launch Cross-Chain Bridge. (Ethereum/ Polygon)
  • Integrate $APK in CoinPayments for Shopify and E-commerce Stores

Ape King
Unlimited Earning

  • - 50% Staking Rewards/ 500% Lp Staking Rewards
  • - Community Weekly and Daily Contest
  • - Research, bid auctions and invest in promising startups and sharing dividends through Investment DAO.
  • - Revenue sharing from it's NFT marketplace, and Merchandise sale
    Token Usecases

  • - Investment DAO, Staking

  • - Peer to Peer Exchange.

  • - $APK Tokens for ApeRaffle and Lottery Games (Every Week)

  • - $APK for e-commerce, hospitality industry and online stores through integration.

  • - $APK for Merchandise and NFT Marketplace.

  • Tokenomics

    • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 $APK
    • Staking 15%
    • Stealth Launch:5%
    • Listing: 15%
    • Team: 10%
    • Burn: 10%
    • Bounties/Airdrop: 10%
    • Public Events: 5%
    • Strategic Partners: 10%
    • Incentive Program: 5%
    • Development: 15%

    Tax and Fees: 6%

    • Community Events 2%
    • Burn 1%
    • Marketing/Charity 3%

    Our Popular NFT Collections

    When you buy an Ape King, you're not just investing in a digital identity, but you're also a close confidante of the project's team. Get direct access to join our Royal VIP private Group on Discord & Telegram. You can be whitelisted to get the first right to mint an upcoming NFT before the public launch. Check Additional Benefits

    Meet Our Team








    C. Dev


    St. Dev


    Media Partner


    The most awaited artwork on the planet with maximum utility created on the Ethereum blockchain and available to purchase on ApeKing will have 1000 unique and rare NFTS which have been developed over many months by our artists and developers making a total of over 200+ unique traits.

    Royal Vip Private Group is the special group for our NFT holders who meet certain requirements and criteria designed by the team. In simple word, it's the private group on Discord & Telegram. Royal Vip Members will get direct access to discuss about the potential and profit making ideas

    Our Royal Club has many utilities but when you buy an NFT, you are connected to all the other collectors who own an NFT in that collection. You’re a part of community that all cares about the same art, the same artist, & the same long-term goal. Additionally, our NFTs can help you gain digital respect from peers.

    Copyright 2022 . Deployed Under MIT License

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